For our non-greek friends...the story behind...Bake-Make-Decorate!

For all of you who are not Greek, you may be wondering what "MyAsteroskoni" is all about...Well, let me give you a little bit of information. "MyAsteroskoni" in Greek, means My Stardust.  In this small business, three girls bake yummy cookies, make wonderful handmade crafts and decorate themed parties and events!  Behind the scenes are three girls - two of them live in Thessaloniki (Greece's second biggest city) and the third has recently moved to Liverpool.  It took us some time, but after a long and careful thought, we wondered..." why not transfer MyAsteroskoni to Liverpool too, and let Liverpudlians taste the delicous cookies?"
So, as of today, all posts in our blog will be written in both Greek and English and therefore, if you would like to follow us, you can do this by following our page in Facebook.
B a k e


You may hand these cookies out in special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, baptisms or offer them to teachers to show them your appreciation etc.

M a k e
Handmade party invitations

 "Lampades" - Candles for Easter, Greek Custom


D e c o r a t e
Themed parties
You may contact us if we can help you in any way. 
Our email is myasteroskoni3@gmail.com

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