New Entry: Scrumptious Cupcakes!

Some days ago, one of my beloved Greek friends here in Liverpool, Artemis, ordered 36 cupcakes for a special event she wanted to celebrate.  Artemis and Baking Queens jointly decided on the cupcake flavours.  The final decision was: a dozen of Raspberry Cupcakes,
a dozen of Earl Grey cupcakes with lemon buttercream combining the refreshing taste of Earl Grey tea with the delicate citrus flavour
and a dozen of a classic flavour, that of vanilla with chocolate chips!
Thank you for the order! Hope your friends really enjoyed them!


Graduation cookies!

Baking Queens made these delicious cookies as a graduation favor for all Year 6 Bishop Martin students. Congratulations to all of them and may this school year (Year 7) be a challenging one with many new friends and experiences!

What is the connection?

What is the connection between Myasteroskoni and Baking Queens? Is it the same or are they two different companies?

Well...Myasteroskoni is the original name of this blog and that is how people know us in Greece. All business done in Greece is under this name.

On the other hand, all business done in the UK is under the business name Baking Queens.  Baking Queens is located in Liverpool, UK in a private rented house used as a food business.  It is a small scale production of home baked goods, namely cupcakes and shaped biscuits iced with sugar paste/fondant icing for direct sale to the public via page/food blog.
On the 18th of June 2015, after food hygiene inspection in Baking Queens premises, Liverpool City Council confirmed a rating of 5!

You may find Myasteroskoni and Baking Queens under the same blogspot and you may contact us at myasteroskoni3@gmail.com